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Our Services

Hair & Hounds Dog Grooming offer a friendly and professional service. Depending on your requirements, this includes Trimming, Hand Stripping, Bathing and Nail Clipping plus much more.

We use a wide range of professional dog shampoos, plus other specific treatment shampoos. Please feel free in to bring in any grooming products your vet has prescribed that we may need to use for the groom.

For elderly dogs we can book 2 groomers for safety. With larger breeds we both like to be in the salon for help and support.

For any advice on basic home maintenance just ask as we are always happy to help.

Any owners who may need a helping hand with transport to and from the salon, we can arrange a collection/drop off service.

What is a Full Groom?

Pre-Groom Consultation

Professional Dog Specific Shampoo


Blow Dry

Thorough Visual Health Check

Brush Out and any knots and matts removed

Coat Trimming and shaping

Nail Trim

 Dash of Cologne

Walk in's

Tick Removal

Face and Fringe Trim

Nail Clip

Feet Trim

Often No appointment is necessary

But please phone first to check we are free

Important Please Note

Due to recent changes in veterinary Opinion we have been advised NOT to include in our treatments
If you ask us to include either of these in the grooming of your dog don't be offended if we either;
REFUSE, or ask to seek the advice of YOUR VET first

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