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New up date

We have reopened today. You can now drive to us as long as you have an appointment.

We will be working under strict guidelines for safe protocols. Due to this we will working at a much lower capacity compared to before the lockdown. The phone will be on answer machine while we are working and we will reply after we have finished grooming for the day. Please be patient.

We will be contacting those who were booked in during the lockdown that were cancelled but we also we be prioritising dogs with woolly coats and those with possible welfare issues. Those that have short haired or double coated who come in for a regular wash and blow dry will not be a priority. We have to bath each dog immediately they come into the salon, therefore we can not offer any pre-bathed dry cut appointments. This might be a problem for the elderly dogs where we have adapted their grooms to ease stress.

When we contact you we will ask to read and sign an online terms and conditions form by email before we offer you an appointment.

At the moment it will be welfare over beauty as we don't know how long this lockdown is for, whether it might revert to being more strict, or even whether either of us might contract the virus. So we will be advising a shorter haircut that will last longer, be easier to maintain and help you and your dog through the summer months as we will not be pre-booking your next appointment. Those that have matted fur will be trimmed short this will be non-negotiable, as stated in the terms and conditions you will have signed, please do not ask us to attempt to undo 7 weeks of lockdown madness, your dogs welfare is our priority and we do not wish to offend anyone by refusing. If you know your dog is matted but feel you do not want your dog to be trimmed short, do not sign the contract.

Our diary is now almost 7 weeks out of sync with pre-existing regular appointments, therefore all appointments are now cancelled (except for December) and we will be starting from scratch to save any confusion.

We ask that payments are made by bank transfer or contactless where possible please.

There will be a drop off system at the salon, which may change due to weather conditions but we will explain this when you have been offered a booking.

Looking forward to the start of a new way of working.

Paule & Susan


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